Bar Mouse

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Quick Overview

The BarMouse is an alternative to the traditional mouse and it is situated in front of the keyboard. Its main objective is to activate both hands simultaneously and balance their movements to prevent one of them from being permanently solicited, as it is the case with standard mice. Totally ambidextrous, the BarMouse has also the function of reducing muscular tension while allowing a better variation and distribution of the hand’s movements for a better posture, centered in front of the working tools. The integrated keys and shortcuts as the double click, copy-paste and scroll wheel make it even more pleasant to use while contributing to the productivity of its user.

Product Description

The BarMouse is an ergonomic mouse placed in front of the keyboard and minimizes the hand and arm movements from the keyboard to the mouse, a major cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). A centered working position stabilizes over time a good sitting position with the back straight at the back of the seat. The BarMouse's hand rests bring the wrists smoothly to the keyboard for efficient, tension-free typing. The intuitively ambidextrous use of the BarMouse divides the workload between the two hands. In addition to the double click, left click, right click and scroll wheel buttons, the copy and paste shortcuts make it a perfectly productivity tool.

Extensibility of the scrollbar. The scrollbar is expandable to give more work space to its user.
Removable wrist rest. The wrist rests are removable and washable.
Adaptability to any environment and work tools. The 25mm profile of the BarMouse ensures easy adaptation with potentially any keyboard on the market.
Navigation shortcuts. The shortcut buttons are productivity accelerators while saving the fingers countless repetitive gestures.
Plug & Play. No drivers required, immediately operational.

Manual: Download


Color Black
Buttons count 7 + scroll wheel + scroll bar
Dimensions 420x115x25mm
Pointer type Pointer Type Scroll bar
Operating system Windows & Mac operating system. No driver required.
Guarantee 2 years