Contour Design RollerMouse Re:d Plus

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Quick Overview

The RollerMouse Re:d Plus (Re:d for redefined) is a solid, sleek and durable central pointing device. It features the 7SENSES™ tracking technology within its rollerbar that adapts to your pace while keeping the rollerbar as central as possible. A laser sensor and six peripheral sensors located within the roller bar, designed to make RollerMouse feel like an extension of your fingertips. The Rollermouse Re:d Plus is a productivity tool having as objectif to recenter the activity in front of the everyday tools, eliminating in that way, unnecessary movements out of the visual field of its user (movements to grap the mouse), major causes of RSI. The Rollermouse Re:d Plus improves posture as well as contribute to the reduction of muscle tensions for enhanced effortless movement fluidity.

The difference between the Re:d and the Re:d plus model is the additional palm support of the Re:d Plus offering a longer and smoother transition from desk to RollerMouse and keyboard. Its larger size provides additional comfort for computer users with larger hands and longer fingers.

Product Description

RollerMouse Re:d Plus comes with an extended wrist rest, adding an additional two inches (5.5 centimeters) of support to your palms, wrists and forearms. The tapered angle and soft inner core of the extended palm support helps improve hand posture and distributes pressure over a wider area.

· Built-in precision. 7SENSES™, new tracking technology inside the rollerbar, provides enhanced cursor precision and control. The sensors, placed inside the bar, protect it from dust and dirt. 7SENSES™ tracks cursor position, constantly adjusting speed and acceleration to ensure the rollerbar is as central as possible, while intuitively adapting to your pace to decrease micro movements and increase efficiency.
· Effortless control. Get the control and less strain with the big and advanced rollerbar. The manufacturer replaced the mechanical mouse click with a virtual click to remove force feedback and reduce the risk of unnecessary strain. This effortless digital mouse click combined with the thicker, textured rollerbar makes it is not only easier to handle, but also feel good.
· RollerMouse concept. RollerMouse, centrally placed in front of your keyboard, eliminates the need to grip or reach for the mouse, which can stress the neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists. This optimal work zone corrects posture and prevents injury. Use the wrist rest, both hands, and vary your position to avoid discomfort. Simply a better way to work.
· Easy to use, right away. The rollerbar is easy to use and is also precise. The large surface provides more control when pointing, rolling or clicking. It adapts to the individual, from professionals using CAD and other advanced design programs to the average user. RollerMouse Re:d is compatible with Mac and PC

· Customizable click force. To change the click force, press and hold both the E and the B buttons for two seconds, the LED light will show current click force setting. While continuing to hold button E release button B and use scroll wheel G to change click force setting. Let go of E to select click force setting.

· Customizable click volume. To change the click volume, press and hold both the F and the B buttons for two seconds, the LED light will show current click volume setting. While continuing to hold button F release button B and use scroll wheel G to change click force setting. Let go of F to select click volume setting.

· red dot product award winner 2013. This internationally desired and highly regarded award is a seal of quality.

· ErgoExpo Attendees’ Choice Award. RollerMouse Re:d wins ErgoExpo Attendees’ Choice Award 2012 for best new product.

User Manual: Download


Color Silver
Buttons count 6 + scroll wheel + rollerbar
Dimensions 41 x 16 x 2.5 cm
Pointer type Twin-eye laser motion sensor
Optical pointer resolution Adjustable: 800/1000/1200/1600/2400 dpi
Operating system PC & Mac. No driver required.
Guarantee 2 years