Forearm Support Comfort Dual

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Quick Overview

The Forearm Support Comfort Dual is designed to improve the position and well-being at work. It aims to be fully adjustable toward its user by optimizing its position and eliminating muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and forearms. The Forearm Support Comfort Dual is composed by two different modules which can be separated from 0 to 13 cm to fit any type of morphology and position of the forearms. Thanks to its shape, it places the user at the center of the support, closer to his workstation. The forearms are fully rested on the support surface, they are no longer supported by the shoulder muscles, allowing better posture and ease of use of the different office tools (such as keyboards, mouse) in a neutral tension sitting. The adopted position will intuitively place the body at the backrest of the seat, where neck and shoulders will naturally be aligned in a relaxed position.

Product Description

The use of Forearm Support Comfort Dual provides an improved working position. It allows the body to be placed and centered in front of the workstation at the level of everyday working tools. The forearms’ weight lies completely on the support and shoulder and neck muscles are no longer burdened by the weight of the arms, and therefore fully released. Thanks to its 25mm thickness and foam surface, arm movements on the surface become more fluid and enjoyable when using the keyboard and mouse. Can fit to desk thickness up to 3.5cm.

• Design. The Forearm Support Comfort Dual was designed to improve working position and well-being at work by placing the user at its center.
• Modules separation. The two modules can be separated from 0 to 13 cm to fit any type of morphology and position of the forearms.
• Position. Thanks to its thickness of 25mm and its shape that follows the contour of your body, it places the user close to the desk and everyday tools, reducing and optimising the different movements performed by the arms. It also helps to reduce muscles tensions in the neck, shoulders and back.
• Forearms comfort. The forearms are maintained flat in a comfortable position at desk level in contact with the forearm soft surface.
• Adapted to your desk. The fixings are large enough to fit at any desk and maintain the Forearm Support Comfort Dual stable and firm with any type of desk.

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Color Black
Dimensions 340x230x25 per module
Guarantee 2 years