Penclic Compact Keyboard Corded Bepo

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Quick Overview

With its 5 mm profile, the compact size of Penclic Compact Keyboard allows a more relaxed and natural working position to help prevent RSI. Penclic Compact Keyboard's comfortable low Quiet-touch keys minimise noise and its normal size keys provide a good tactile feeling which results in a quick response when typing. The keyboard also gives off minimal reflection, and its tonality usually matches the colour on your computer screen, ergonomically improving your visual comfort.

Product Description

Penclic launches their unique mini keyboard with a new thinking layout, combining contemporary Swedish design with user comfort and the open source Bépo layout for faster and more comfortable typing in French.

The evolution of the keyboards started with the invention of the type writer, where the layouts, such as QWERTY and AZERTY, were dictated by the constraint of non-intersection of the type hammers. Therefore the keys are displayed in a way to fulfil the mechanical constraint without considering the practical user’s requirements (such as typing comfort). As a result, the most frequently used letters are placed unevenly on the keyboard, far away for each other. This keyboard disposition is not ergonomically optimal as the distances between keys are not evenly distributed on the keyboard, and hence, hand’s movement are not balanced, having as result an increase of hand muscle tensions that may lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

In the last few decades several attempts have been made to develop, improve and optimize the existing layouts. It is the case of DVORAK, an alternative solution of the QWERTY layout. As every language has its own linguistic practices and punctuation, the French BÉPO, an alternative layout to the French AZERTY has also been invented. BÉPO is a French keyboard layout where the keys are placed as per a statistical study of the French language. It includes in its centre (the rest line) the most common used letters in order to minimise the distance between them during typing and offer a more fluid and tension free typing experience. In the BÉPO layout all characters such as the é, è, à, ù…, are situated in the centre of the keyboard and not at the periphery as it is the case with the AZERTY layout. Different letters and more especially the “é” is one of the most frequently used character in French which is placed in the centre of the keyboard.

· Plug & Play The supported platforms for Penclic Compact Keyboard are all operating systems that support HID 1.1. These include Windows XP or later, Mac OSX version 10.1 or later and most Linux/BSD flavors. No extra software/driver installation is needed. Mac operating system does not support all special functions
· Special functions The special functions (blue text) are activated by holding the Fn key and then pressing one of the keys showing in the picture to the right.
· Embedded Numpad Num Lock actives the numpad funtions which is the smaller orange numbers.
· 3 Leds Penclic Compact Keyboard C2 (corded) has 3 LEDs:
- LEFT Led - Numlock, activates the orange numbers
- MIDDLE Led - Caps lock
- RIGHT Led - Scroll lock, Legacy function used by very few programs.
· USB connection
· Scissor keys
· 3 USB ports
· 1.4 m cable


Color White
Dimensions 285 x 162 mm
Connection type USB
Operating system Windows XP &+, Mac 10.1 &+, Linux
Hotkeys compatibility Windows XP &+, Mac 10.1 &+, Linux
Guarantee 2 years