Penclic Mouse B2 Bluetooth

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Quick Overview

Penclic Mouse creates a relaxed and natural working position. Penclic Mouse allows your forearm to rest on the work surface which contributes to less pain. The cursor can be moved all over the computer screen quickly and effectively. The Penclic Mouse allows the user to work in front of and beside the computer. This combined with the comfortable pen grip reduces the risk of RSI from occurring.

Penclic Mouse is offered in three models, a wireless R2, a corded D2 and a Bluetooth B2.

Right hand only.

Product Description

The Penclic Mouse B2 Bluetooth enables the extension of our bodily movements and harnesses the natural power and dexterity in our fingers and hands. This creates a healthy and natural working position. Endless clicking and unnecessary cursor movements are a thing of the past while using the streamlined and efficient Penclic Mouse. Penclic's innovative pen grip counteracts health problems like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), obtained from using a traditional computer mouse.

The end result is a stylish, ergonomic and highly practical mouse which can be utilised by all people in demanding professions, or by everyday users at home. You will be positively surprised by the amazing user experience provided by the Penclic Mouse.

· Operates on almost any surface. No pad or tablet needed.
· 5 buttons + scroll wheel. The left click, right click and middle click are on the pen shaft's right side. On the pen shaft's left side the backward click and forward click for surfing are positioned.
· Design. Stylish Swedish design and great quality finish.
· Energy saving mode. Starts after 10 min, press a button to start.
· AAA 1.2V NiMH Recharging battery included. Everyday use = approximately 2 months before charging is needed. LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaline None rechargeable battery can be used. NOTE: DO NOT RECHARGE

The Penclic® product is protected by the following patents and patent applications, of which Penclic® has ownership or a right to use:
CA 2578208 A1, CN 101040236 B, EP 1203290 A1, EP 1615096 B1, JP 4227744 B2, JP 2008/506170 T2,
KR 2007/0039133, SE 521526 C2, US 6762750 B2, US 2008/0225003 A1, WO 01/01233 A1, WO 06/05523 A1.

· Marianne Ahlborg, 30 years of Ergonomic experience and physiotherapist:
«The best way of preventing RSI is to change the working position of your mouse. Work in front of your body and close to your keyboard!»
«Penclic provides the possibilities to easily change mouse positions without tedious learning processes.»
· Peter Palm, Ergonomist/PhD, Arbets- och miljömedicin:
«To prevent pain when working in front of the computer,such as RSI, you should change your working position as well as your working tasks. You can also change between different types of computer input device.»

User Manual: Download


Color White
Buttons count 5 + scroll wheel
Pointer type Laser
Wireless Yes - Bluetooth
Optical pointer resolution 1200 dpi
Operating system Windows XP &+, Mac 10.1 &+, Linux
Buttons programming and special functions Windows XP &+, Mac 10.1 &+, Linux
Guarantee 2 years