Penclic Mouse R3 Wireless

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Quick Overview

The Penclic Mouse R3 Wireless provides a tension free working position by bringing the precision of the mouse movement to your fingertips. The Penclic mouse shape and size put the user into an intuitive position where forearm and hand are situated on the desk while reducing the risk of RSI. Suitable to any surface, the Penclic mouse provide movement optimisation and precision. This 3rd version is ambidextrous to fit all users in the workplace or to be used alternatively by either hand.

The Ambidextrous Penclic Mouse 3 is available in 3 versions:
- D3: corded
- R3: Wireless
- B3: Bluetooth

Product Description

The Penclic Mouse R3 Wireless is the ambidextrous version of the Penclic Mouse. It helps preventing RSI by shifting the control over the mouse movements from the wrist to the fingertips. The intuitive shape of the mouse makes the user adopt a neutral position and avoid improper hand posture. This position allows better precision and control of the cursor. With its 3 buttons and scroll wheel, this ambidextrous R3 version combines ease-of-use and adabtability, a way to address Penclic experience to universal audience.

· Operates on almost any surface. No pad or tablet needed.
· 3 buttons + scroll wheel. Left click, right click and middle click.
· Design. Stylish Swedish design and great quality finish.
· Energy saving mode. Starts after 10 min, press a button to start.
· USB Connection. USB charging.
· Recharging battery. AAA 1.2V NiMH Recharging battery included. Remember to recharge the battery before you use the mouse the first time. LR 03/AAA/1.5V Alkaline NON rechargeable battery can be used. NOTE: DO NOT RECHARGE
· Adjustable DPI. The dpi button is located under the mouse to quickly switch between the 3 available sensitivities : 800 - 1200 - 1600. The dpi setting can be changed by holding in the left and right button at the same time for 3 sec, the cursor will move faster for each setting. It will rotate around frequency from 800-1600 and then go back to low 800.

The Penclic® product is protected by the following patents and patent applications, of which Penclic® has ownership or a right to use:
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User Manual: Download
Specifications: Download


Color Black
Guarantee 2 years