Penclic Touchpad NiceTouch T2

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Quick Overview

The NiceTouch T2 is an intuitive touchpad that combines smart ergonomics, sleek design and high-end functionality. It pairs perfectly with Penclic Compact Keyboards, creating a familiar centered position where the users hands rest easily on its soft surface. Simple and easy to use, the NiceTouch T2 intuitive touchpad and Quiet-Touch keys offer a comfortable way of working for long hours in front of a computer.

Product Description

Penclic NiceTouch is an easy to use 85x51mm touchpad and a comfortable hand rest combination. It's designed to be the perfect partner to the small and sleek Penclic Compact Keyboards. The Quiet-Touch technology provides a soft keying experience. The Penclic NiceTouch features the following key functions : left clic, right clic, back, touchpad activation / desactivation (to avoid accidental using of the mouse while typing). Along with the embedded scroll wheel, these shortcuts allow the user to save back and forth movements between mouse and keyboard, whose repetition is a recognized cause for Repetitive Stress Injuries. In a centered and symetrical working position, both hands by the keyboard, the user maintains intuitively and for longer periods of time a healthier sitting position.

· Design. Stylish Swedish design and great quality finish.
· 21cm cable. Fits all sizes and types of desks, including height-adjustable.
· Plug & Play. Immediately usable.

· Download


Color White
Dimensions 285 x 120 mm
Operating system Windows XP &+, Mac 10.1 &+, Linux
Guarantee 2 years