R-Go Compact Keyboard Wired Azerty Fr White

R-Go compact ultra-thin keyboard improves blood circulation while light keystroke minimizes muscle tension. Its compact design allows hands to be on line within shoulder width preventing from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).

The small size of this keyboard makes it particularly handy for nomad workers and frees space on the desk as there is no numeric pad on the right-hand side.

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Diminishing tensions of the upper limbs

Due to the absence of the numpad on the left, hands movements are therefore concentrated in a limited area and the mouse comes closer to keyboard optimizing keying process and consequently diminishing tensions of the upper limbs. Some users don’t even often use numeric keypad as they mainly use computer for word processing making it useless when on the right side.

2 ways of writing numbers

When numeric pad is needed, this keyboard offers two ways of writing numbers:

  • Digits are available on the second row of the keyboard by pressing simultaneously “Shift” with selected number.
  • Using simultaneously the “Fn” key and key with blue numbers.

Integrated numpad and shortcuts

  • Plug and play: The R-Go compact keyboard is compatible with any Windows and Linux opearating systems and it is instantly ready for use. No other software are needed
  • Integrated numpad and shortcuts: Using simultaneously the “Fn” key and key with blue numbers or blue shortcuts.
  • Cable lenght:1.4 m cable.
  • Ultra light: Weight only 280g.
More Information
More Information
Dimensions 285mm x 120mm x 15mm
Connection type USB
Operating system Windows, Linux
Guarantee 2 years