Tactys Slim 711

The Tactys Slim 711 is a tactile keyboard with adjustable sensitivity that meets multiple needs, including those found in sterile environments, laboratories or health services.

The keyboard is completely waterproofed to be used in any wet or liquid environment.

It differs from conventional keyboards in its quick and easy disinfection. Traditional keyboards have germs that are on and between keys and are difficult to be cleaned effectively.

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IP65, cleanable & disinfectable

The Tactys is an essential tool for any environment in need of high hygiene as it is perfectly usable both with and without gloves and easily disinfected thanks to its resistance to all chemical substances.

Equipped with a locking function for cleaning and disinfection, it supports the projection of any liquid and is unalterable to all chemicals that can be found in a medical center. The Tactys is a multifunctional tool that meets IP65 requirements for cleanliness and waterproofness.

A powerful tool at hygienic service

It is an extra-slim keyboard which adapts to any type of workspace by its restricted volume and small size.

Typing is fluid and responds immediately to contact by emitting a sound at every key touch. The Tactys fights against the appearance of germs in the work environment, a powerful tool that provides adjustable sensitivity at the service of sterile, wet and liquid environments.


Usable with or without gloves

  • Washable keyboard: The Tactys Slim 711 has a key lock function to help cleaning and disinfecting it completely. Ideal for any wet, liquid and sterile environment (laboratories, health services ...).
  • Waterproof keyboard: Guaranteed IP 65 all sides, it can deal with the projection of any liquid. Unalterable to all disinfectants.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: The sensitivity of the keys can be adjusted to suit any type of use with bare hands or even with double gloves.
  • Flat keyboard: Fits any type of worktop with low volume and small size.

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More Information
Locale Azerty FR
Dimensions 380mm x 140mm x 15mm
Operating system Windows, iOS, Linux
Guarantee 2 years