Forearm Chair Arm Pad

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Quick Overview

The Forearm Chair Arm Pad provides a better forearm comfort while sitting. Heavy duty and easy to be installed on the chair forearm, it provides a better sitting experience avoiding forearm to be in contact with unpleasant hard plastic chair armrests, helping in this way, to reduce pressure points and improve blood circulation.

Products are only available by pair. Price concerns 1 pair of Forearm Chair Arm Pad.

Product Description

The Forearm Chair Arm Pad provides a better sitting position by supporting and placing forearms and elbows horizontally on the same level of the office surface. Suitable to any chair arm from 15cm to 28cm long but ideal for non-adjustable in height arm chairs, the Arm Pad, with its double layer of viscoelastic memory foam and removable standard foam, can provide 2 levels of height and ensure more adjustability and customisation to user’s arms position and desk level and size. With its use, forearms’ weight lies completely on the support and shoulder as well as neck muscles are no longer burdened by the weight of the arms, and therefore fully released. Optimising sitting experience by tension free position, have as a result the minimisation of inappropriate movements and position, which may result to pain as well as repetitive strain injuries (RSI).


Color Black
Dimensions Suitable to any chair arm from 15cm to 28cm long