Sitting Ball Bloon Original

The Bloon is an inflatable sitting ball, available in two sizes Large and Extra Large, very resistant (supports maximum load of 120 kg) which is intended to replace traditional office chair. It is available in two sizes offering several choices of height at which the user can sit. The Large size offer a 50cm to 60cm sitting height and for the Extra Large version is about 60cm to 70cm. The Bloon is designed to be installed in front of the workstation and aims to limit static sitting positions. In fact, the user sits on the top of the surface of the ball, which, thanks to its flexibility, adapts perfectly to all body types. The hips and thighs are positioned above the ball which naturally pushes the body to seek stability. This position make the body to always seek balance, thus activating the muscles of the back, lumbar, abdominals and feet to always be in movement. This dynamic position offers bodily awakening which encourages user to adopt a position in which the back and pelvis are perpendicular. This position aims to prevent repetitive and static movements which result in discomfort, thus preventing the risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). The base of the ball is non-slip and weighted which allows the ball to always return to its initial position. Thanks to this characteristic it does not roll uncontrollably and always stays in its assigned space.

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A dynamic seat redefined

Bloon is not just a purely preventive product against RSI aimed solely at improving posture in a more general way. Bloon wants to embody and integrate a “sporty”, creative and fun into new workstation layout. Redefining the workspace also involves modifying the standards imposed by a work organization based on sedentary lifestyle. The design, materials and colours used by the brand make the Bloon a product that also fulfils other functions. It can be used as furniture in the space where it is located but also can be transformed into a decorative object while being part of the existing furniture (at home or office). Innovating and modulating workstations is becoming essential both for workers’ well-being as well as for workstations evolution. The Bloon is customizable thanks to the wide range of colours allowing it to blend in and visually adapt to each of the spaces in which it is intended. Very light (2Kg), it is easily transportable thanks to the included belt that rounds it up, which is also available in several colours.


Innovative and design

  • Innovative: Non-slip base with weighted base which keeps the Bloon always stable. Thanks to this technology the ball always returns to its place.
  • Aesthetically customizable: The Bloon is available in several colours both for the ball and for the belt that rounds it up.
  • Different versions: Available in Large and Extra Large versions to accommodate the choice of seat height.
  • Removable and washable cover: The Bloon's fabric is easily removable so that it can be washed and always remain clean.
  • Inflatable: An air pump comes with the Bloon to inflate the balloon in minutes.

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