Compact Keyboard R-Go Break Azerty Fr

The R-Go break is an ultra thin compact keyboard which has no numeric pad.

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Compact Keyboard R-Go Compact Break Azerty Fr
Compact Keyboard R-Go Break Azerty Fr

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    A keyboard without numeric pad

    The R-Go compact break keyboard has no numeric pad for several reasons.

    Technically speaking, as the working desk is often over crowded with several computer tools, R-Go keyboard small size optimizes it by diminishing the number of superfluous devices.

    Reduces the distance between the keyboard and the mouse

    Practically and ergonomically speaking, its size reduces the distance between the keyboard and the mouse. As a conventional keyboard has a numeric keypad on the right side, users perform numerous and longer back and forth movements which might cause shoulder and forearm tensions leading to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Aligning typing within users’ visual field is a priority when designing ergonomic working spaces. Some users don’t even often use numeric keypad as they mainly use computer for word processing making it useless when on the right side. External numeric keypad can always be added and placed on the left of the keyboard. Alternatively, the other option is to press simultaneously one of the second raw numbered keys with “Shift”.

    Integrates a break indicator

    One of the particularity of the R-Go Break compact keyboard is that it integrates a break indicator which is also found on the R-Go HE Mouse Break and R-Go Numpad Break. With 3 colors signals (green, orange and red), it advises the user when it is time to take a pause from working. The red color warns that a further use of the mouse could lead to Repetitive Strain Injusries (RSI). In order to avoid them, it is highly recommended to take enough breaks and interrupt work on time. When used for a long time, in order to avoid an intense and repetitive use of the muscles, the break indicators color signals change color warning the user to take some rest and stop for a while.

    Optional hygienic silicone membrane

    For hygienic reasons and in a pandemic environment, the keyboard also comes with an optional silicone membrane which protects it from dust and dirt. The skin is easy to install on the keyboard, it is very thin and it is washable. It fits perfectly on the keyboard and ensures comfortable typing.


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    Color Black
    Dimensions 285mm x 120mm x 15mm
    Connection type USB 2.0 - Cable 1400mm
    Operating system Windows, Mac, Linux
    Guarantee 2 years