Leg Rest Ergoleg

The Ergoleg is a mobile leg rest on wheels and helps raising legs while seated. Its height and tilt are adjustable to fit users’ body shape and needs.

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Leg Rest Ergoleg
Leg Rest Ergoleg

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    Regenerates muscles and improves blood circulation

    Elevating legs is a natural, even unconscious, movement we do on a daily basis and in many situations, provides a feeling of relief and instant rest. Indeed, keeping feet parallel to the ground is beneficial for blood circulation and lets muscles to relax as they are not anymore in contact with the ground and nor need to support body weight. Raising legs to pelvis height brings several physiological and psychological benefits. Indeed, the position is conducive to regenerate muscles and helps muscle tissues to become more resistant but also repairs small “traumas” such as after a day of walking or intense sports activity. In some circumstances , elevating the legs is essential, particularly in cases of chronic pathologies such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular problems but also those resulting ofrepetitive strain injuries. Leg rest is also essential in other situations such as post-surgical convalescence, superficial injuries, or when rest is needed. This device can also be used together with a footrest and be therefore complementary. The aim is to fit users’ needs in any office configuration, whether at home or in the workplace. The leg support is made up of a foam surface and a gutter to maintain and provide overall support along the entire length of the leg. This range offers two versions: a version with support for one leg and another version with support for both legs.

    Two versions are available:

    Ergo Leg 2070: Version for one foot

    • Dimensions : L 40 cm - W 20 cm Foam: memory shape
    • Cover : 3D anti-sweat fabric
    • Leg : 5-star base on cylinder
    • Base : Rocker mechanism
    • Cleaning : Hand washable with a damp cloth
    • Weight: 8.1Kg

    Ergo Leg 2069: Version for both feet

    • Dimensions: L 40 cm - W 40 cm - Thickness 8 to 12 cm
    • Foam: Shape memory
    • Cover: 3D anti-sweat fabric
    • Leg: 5-star base on cylinder
    • Base: Rocker mechanism
    • Cleaning: Hand washable with a damp cloth
    • Weight: 14.2Kg

    Multifunctional and adjustable

    • Limits the pressure of body weight: Thanks to the memory foam and the gutter which supports the leg, the muscles are completely free from any load, which allows the tissues to regenerate and allows convalescence in the case of muscular trauma.
    • Perfectly adjustable: Mobile and on wheels, the leg rest follows the movements of the foot and always stays in the desired place. It is tiltable and at the same time configurable in height to adapt to all situations.
    • Multifunctional: Can be used both to prevent and relieve temporary pain as well as to provide a solution and comfort to those suffering from chronic pathologies.

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