Keyboard with keypad on the left Azerty Fr

Keyboards with a numpad on the left are usually designed for left-handed users. This layout allows these users to access the numeric pad on their left hand and centralise the typing activity in front of them.

However, this keyboard is not only a tool for left-handed people but it is also suitable for any user who wants to balance the workload between the two hands (typing and use of the numpad).

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Shares the activity between the two hands

In a set up with a full-size keyboard with numpad on the right, the keypad pushes even further the position of the mouse on the right. In this position the right hand has to move constantly between the mouse and keyboard, therefore these left and right movements may create muscles tensions in shoulder, forehand and hand. This set up may increase muscular stress that may lead to the development of discomfort and pain due to repetitive tasks, major cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

The keyboard with a numpad on the left decentralises and shares evenly the activity between the two hands by preventing one hand (mainly the right one) to deal with the majority of the tasks. Transferring a part of the workload to the left hand, makes the use of both hands complementary and with fluent movement.

Combination of Fn key - F1 to F10 keys

Moreover, the keyboard offers also shortcuts keys to increase productivity of its user with the combination of “Fn” and “F1” to “F9” keys for handy control of the applications and media (home page, mail, music control).

The left-handed keyboard proposes on its side a UBS hub composed with two USBs on which can be connected some peripherals such as mouse, memory sticks and many other USB related devices.


Connection USB

  • Connection. USB / Android mini USB - Cable length 1.35m.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Combination of Fn key - F1 to F10 keys for applications and media control for increased productivity.

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More Information
Color Black
Locale Azerty FR
Dimensions 465 x 138 x 27 mm
Connection type USB/Android mini USB
Operating system Windows Win7/8/10, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000