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Macro Keys are programmable and configurable keypad designed to simplify typing and repetitive actions performed on a daily basis. Macro Keys are above all a productivity tool that accompany and complete existing IT tools. As the mouse and the keyboard, the Keys help to accomplish tasks from the simplest, such as entering text, to the most complex requiring several manipulations or several commands. Thanks to the programmability of the keys and the provided software, the user can easily customize the commands at will and assign functions to the keys of the keypad (activation of macros, setting commonly used phrases, usual actions (copy, paste, etc.). Stickers with the most used actions are also provided to help the user label the keys to better identify and remember their function.

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    Programmable and configurable keypad

    The objective of the Macro Keys is to create keyboard shortcuts and to group repetitive actions under the same key, thus making it possible to reduce to a minimum the movements of the arms – forearms – fingers and the muscular tensions which result therefrom. In this way, repetitive movements are reduced to the most essential and gestures are focused only around the user's hand reach area of action. This provision leads to the prevention of muscle tension which can, in the long term, lead to carpal tunnel syndrome in particular and Repetitive Strain Injuries more generally. Macro Keys can also be used in a handicap situation where a set of actions are set up in advance to help the user perform them with minimum actions as possible.


    Configurable productivity tool

    • Programmable and configurable: Assign actions to the keys according to the needs of the user.
    • Productivity tool: Allows you to group repetitive actions under one or more keys.
    • Economy of movement: Refocus the work in the fields of action of the user.