Mousetrapper Alpha Azerty Fr

Alpha Mousetrapper is a multifunction IT tool combining a centred ergonomic pointing device with a full-sized AZERTY FR layout integrated keyboard including 19 keys that are programmable.

It can be connected to the computer either wireless via Bluetooth 4.1v or with a USB cable.

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Combines a pointing device with a full-sized keyboard

Ideal for mobile workers, Alpha Moussetrapper fits in all working environment: tight spaces such as trains and planes as well as all common standard working offices.

This keyboard aims at freeing space on the desk or on working area focusing activity within user’s vision field while hands can remain at shoulders’ width and close to keyboard. It also tends to minimize hands’ movements within a smaller working space to reduce moves and tensions when using a standard mouse/keyboard.

Shortcuts, Fn & F1 to F10 keys combinations

Its size allows the user, according to its morphology, to have a better sitting posture – spine evenly pressing the back of the chair - reducing in this way the distance between numeric pad and keyboard keys balancing load work between the 2 hands. It also includes keyboard shortcuts, combinations with Fn key and F1 to F10 keys for better productivity and day to day configuration (volume, sound, medias…etc).


19 customizable keys

  • Multifunction IT tool. Combining a centered ergonomic pointing device with a full-sized integrated keyboard.
  • 19 customizable keys. Programmable keys for increased productivity via the MT interphase.
  • Compact. Ideal for mobile workers and narrow working environment.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Combination of Fn key - F1 to F10 keys for media control and increased productivity.
  • Weight. 745g. *
  • Precision tracking. 2000 DPI
More Information
More Information
Color Silver
Locale Azerty FR
Dimensions 313mm x 20mm x 220mm
Connection type Bluetooth or Wired (USB)
Operating system PC, Mac
Guarantee 2 years