Mousetrapper Delta

Mousetrapper’s Delta pointing device is a wired centered rollerbar mouse aiming at centralizing tools and all daily actions inside user’s field of vision and within hand reach distance. In this set up, the Delta optimizes movements, concentrating all the functions of the mouse as close as possible to user’s body. Thus, movements outside the field of action are minimized allowing, on a daily basis, a better posture and more fluent effortless hand movements. Delta is more than a pointing device as it includes also functions that can be adjusted and remapped with the dedicated Mousetrapper software. This software gives the opportunity to program and give a new function to the keys which lead to a more productive and efficient work while adapting the device to every user’s needs.

Two models available:
Regular and Extended version:
The difference between the two models is the surface of the palm rests which for the regular version is 12cm wide and for the extended version is 14.5cm wide.

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Mousetrapper Delta
Mousetrapper Delta

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    Brings cursor control at the fingertips and focus activity in front of its user

    On the contrary to the existing centered rollerbar mice of the Mousetrapper range, including the Prime, Advance and Lite models, the Delta does not include a control pad but, instead, a control/scroll bar. This bar allows to increase the control surface which can be used with both hands and thus leads to a better hand movements balance. The result of this load sharing between the two hands reduce hands muscular tensions, avoiding in this way any risk of development of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). The clickable control bar is sensitive and it is designed to be activated with minimal effort. Coated with a striped surface (for a better grip - increasing handhold) and a cursor sensitivity of 4000 DPI, the Delta aims at bringing mouse sensitivity control from the cursor directly to your fingertips. Equipped with 6 buttons, it includes basic functions (default functions - without programming) such as right click, left click, copy and paste as well as a scroll wheel. Customizing and remapping of the keys can be done via the MT Keys program which allows to assign other functions to the keys according to user’s needs. Delta Mousetrapper has one USB hub which includes two USB ports for charging devices or connecting any other peripherals. The magnetic palm rests are easily detachable and can be disinfected at any time.


    Ambidextrous with customisable keys

    • Programmable Buttons: 6 customizable buttons via MT Keys software.
    • USB HUB: Allows the connection of other peripherals or devices to be charged.
    • Cursor Sensitivity: 4000 DPI.
    • Control Bar: Clickable and actionable with minimal effort.
    • Removable palm rests: Possibility of washing and disinfecting them.
    • Ambidextrous: Can be used with both hands in order to optimise hand movements and reduce arm's muscles tensions.

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    More Information
    More Information
    Dimensions Regular: 500mm x 27mm x 120mm - Extended: 500mm x 27mm x 145mm
    Pointer type Rollerbar
    Optical pointer resolution 4000 DPI
    Operating system Windows / iOS