Mousetrapper Lite

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Quick Overview

The Mousetrapper Lite is the simplified version of the central pointing devices in Mousetrapper range of products. It does not have programmable buttons and concentrates only to the essential functions for everyday use. It incorporates only right-click, double-click, scroll, and click-control functions. Its position in front of the user's keyboard provides posture stability over time and a good sitting position in front of the screen. This position offers comfort and productivity without tension. The Mousetrapper Lite aims to operate both hands simultaneously and balance their movements to prevent one of them from being permanently solicited, as is the case with traditional mice.

Product Description

The Mousetrapper Lite is designed to be placed in front of the keyboard and minimizes the hand and arm movements from a keyboard to the mouse, a recognized cause of Repetitive Strain Injury of the neck and shoulder. The large padded soft wrist supports makes its use more comfortable to use in everyday tasks. The Lite can also be considered as an alternative to the traditional mouse that avoids repeated microtrauma and other problems that can occur with the use of common electronic desk tools. Totally ambidextrous, the Mousetrapper Lite also has the function of reducing muscular tension while allowing a better variation and distribution of the movements of the hand for a better posture, centered in front of the working tools. Its design is ultra-sleek and fits most keyboards without adjustment.

· Productive tool: With its width of 500 mm and its 650 g, the Mousetrapper Lite is a simple daily tool for any user and activity.
· Simple and minimal: The Mousetrapper Prime has 4 buttons that are non configurable having predefined functions such as right/left-click, double-click, scroll and right-click via the control pad. Its connection with the computer can only be done via USB (plug and play).

Customization software for Mac OS 10 users:

Setup for Windows users : (98 SE, Win ME, Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10):

MT Keys link for Windows 10 and later:


Buttons count 4 buttons + control pad
Dimensions 500 mm x 115 mm x 22 mm
Operating system Windows / iOS
Guarantee 2 years