Mousetrapper Prime

The Mousetrapper Prime is an alternative to the traditional horizontal mouse. With 8 programmable and configurable buttons, the Prime allows a better position of the hands avoiding the compression of the carpal tunnel as well as any microtrauma and other problem that may arise in the use of traditional computer tools in everyday life.

The Mousetrapper Prime allows the user to not constantly correct the sitting position, eliminating the movements back and forth between mouse and keyboard. Thanks to its position, centered in front of the keyboard, this mouse favors a posture that keeps the arms close to the body and the hands close to the keyboard.

A centered working position renders possible a stabilised sitting position over time. The Mousetrapper Prime allows you to work without constraints thanks to the wireless technology while offering a comfort of use thanks to its large cleanable wrist rests.

Possible connection both wired and wireless.

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Allows the user to customise it

The Mousetrapper Prime is a central pointing device that allows the user to customise it at ease thanks to its 8 programmable keys.

The Prime is placed in front of the keyboard and minimizes the movements of the hand and arm from a traditional keyboard to the mouse, a movement that can lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) mostly on the neck and shoulder. The large padded wrist rests also ease the arms, wrists, neck and shoulders while being completely cleanable helping to keep the product tidy at any time. Prime's objective is to operate both hands at the same time and balance their movements to prevent one of them from being permanently solicited, as is the case with conventional mice.

An efficient and tension less use

This mouse is placed in the center in front of the keyboard and relieves the microtrauma that can be caused by the continuous muscles stretching of the arm. The wrist rests of the Mousetrapper Prime bring the wrists gently to the keyboard for an efficient and tension less use. The intuitively ambidextrous use of this ergonomic mouse divides the workload between the two hands.


Wrist rests cleanable and replaceable

  • Productivity tool: With its wireless technology, its 480 mm and its 720 g, the Mousetrapper Prime is a daily productivity tool.
  • Programmable: 8 programmable buttons via the MT keys driver - Click and scroll functions directly on the control pad.
  • The wrist rests are cleanable and replaceable.
  • Ajustable: Possibility of height adjustment with folding anti-slip surface.
  • Batteries: Rechargeable with 6 months autonomy.
More Information
More Information
Color Black
Buttons count 8 programmable buttons - Click and scroll functions directly on the control pad.
Dimensions 480 mm x 110 mm x 20 mm
Wireless Wireless or USB connection
Optical pointer resolution 2000 DPI
Operating system Windows / iOS
Guarantee 2 years