Mousetrapper Numpad Wireless

The Mousetrapper number pad is a “must” accessory for users typing with compact keyboards that do not include number pad. It is very convenient to have a dedicated number pad so that numbers could be typed easily and simply without any hassle or other shortcut manipulations.

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Universal and functional

Mousetrapper numeric keypad is an independent universal wireless numpad that completes an existing set up with a keyboard and a mouse. The USB receiver is included and simply connects to the computer's USB port. The receiver is plug and play and pairs easily and quickly with the numpad through Hertz frequencies (Hz - non-Bluetooth). The pad has a built-in rechargeable long-life battery. Mousetrapper numeric keypad has been specifically designed to enrich Mousetrapper keyboards range such as: Type and Alpha. However, it is also compatible with any other keyboard that runs under Windows operating system. This numeric keypad increases user’s productivity: not only when typing numbers but also through shortcuts it offers (navigation, currency symbols, mathematical signs, delete, erase). These integrated shortcuts are necessary and useful for spreadsheets (Excel spreadsheets) improving the typing and navigation between cells. Therefore, the main keyboard is only used for typing letters and texts and not used for typing numbers. Numbers are executed from the pad directly, limiting hands’ back and forth movements between keyboard and pad. Hand movement ergonomics are therefore improved. Mousetrapper has also included this numpad into the same environmentally friendly approach as the other keyboards of the brand. The numpad is made of recycled plastic and it is totally recyclable itself. The rechargeable included battery limits battery waste for a more respective approach towards environmental responsibility.


Ergonomically designed with a touch of environmental sensitivity

  • Productivity and Ergonomics: Optimises back and forth movement between keyboard and pad - Refocuses activity in front of the user - Shortcuts increase productivity as most of the useful keys are located on the pad.
  • Environmentally friendly product: Made of recycled plastic and completely recyclable itself.
  • Compatible and universal: Compatible with Windows operating systems and blends in any existing keyboard brand set up.
  • Rechargeable: A rechargeable battery provides great autonomy.
More Information
More Information
Color Black
Keys count 26
Dimensions 103mm x 120mm x 8mm
Operating system Windows