Trackball Vertical Mouse

The TBV is a hybrid mouse mixing at the same time the characteristics and concept of a trackball mouse, with the rolling "ball", but also the functionality and shape of a vertical mouse. The TBV has all functions that can be found within a traditional mouse such as right-click, left click, scroll wheel and web navigation buttons. It provides a 90° pronation angle, placing the hand in totally vertical position which helps reducing tensions in the carpal tunnel, source of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

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Trackball mouse at 90°

The TBV is a wireless mouse including an embedded charging battery. It connects to any devices having a USB and/or Bluetooth technology respectively via USB dongle 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth BT3/BT5. It is also compatible with Windows and iOS operating system.

The TBV is a hybrid mouse as it includes also the benefits of a trackball. It integrates at the thumb, the rolling "ball", controlling the movement and direction of the cursor. Like all trackballs, the TBV doesn’t move on desk’s surface and remains still and stable, an ideal tool for confined working spaces. The hand rests on the mouse throughout its use and all adjustment movements necessary for the control/direction of the cursor are concentrated at thumb’s level. In this way, hand’s movements and forearm’s-wrist’s tensions are reduced to a minimum.

The thumb’s movements are the only ones which control the rolling "ball" concentrating and optimizing them in a small perimeter of action. The TBV is designed to bring precision, control and sensitivity of the pointer to the user at the thumb’s tip, leaving the hand rested on the mouse, still and stable. This key arrangement and conception reduce the distances between the buttons and minimise finger’s muscular tension. The TBSV can also be used by people who want to perform precision tasks, those having confined work spaces as well as those who encounter more or less hands’ sensitivities and want to reduce and optimize their movements. This is the case of mouse users who are unable to move their hand on the work surface but also those who have disabilities (reduced hand’s mobility).


Adjustable precision at the fingertip

  • Trackball experience. The TBV is constructed around the rolling “ball” concentrating all user's activity at the level of the "ball". In this way, any adjustment movements that are necessary for the cursor’s control are minimized, focused and optimized. The hand does not have to be in motion all the time, reducing forearm’s and wrist’s tensions to the minimum.
  • Precision at the fingertips. With the controlling “ball”, the Marble Mouse brings the precision, control and sensitivity of the pointer to the user’s fingertips.
  • Wireless. 3 available wireless modes offered to connect the mouse to the desired device via USB dongle 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth BT3/BT5.
  • Adjustable pointer speed. Pointer speeds can be adjusted (800/1200/1600) for better control of the cursors speed according to user’s activity.
  • Compatibility. Windows, Mac iOS and Android systems.