The Unimouse is a fully adjustable and customizable vertical ergonomic mouse. It offers a wide choice of positioning, both in pronation angles (from 35° to 70°) and adjustability of thumb rest in 3 axes (extension, rotation and length) to suit any shape and hand’s size.

All these adjustments allow any user to find its most comfortable hand posture while having the opportunity to vary positions. This leads to the reduction and prevention of static movements, major causes of Repetitive-Strain Injuries (RSI).

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    The Unimouse is totally customizable

    Perfectly adjustable in pronation from 35° to 70° it also includes an articulated thumb which can be directed into 3 axes (in extension, in rotation and in length).

    Fully programmable

    Fully programmable with 6 touches combinations and 10 cursor speeds of 800 to 2800 DPI. All these adjustments and features prevent any stable and immobile posture, source of Repetitive-Strain Injuries (RSI), while proposing a variability and multiplicity of hand position. With the Unimouse the wrist, hand and arm are always in a completely aligned position with relaxed hand muscles and the carpal tunnel in a vertical position.


    Web browsing and Plug & Play

    • Fully adjustable: Pronation angle from 35° to 70° and adjustable at the support of the thumb articulated in 3 axes (in extension, in rotation and in length).
    • Customizable: 6 programmable buttons and 10 cursor speeds from 800 to 2800 DPI.
    • Shortcuts: At thumb level two buttons: "previous" and "next" for better web browsing.
    • Quick and easy installation: Plug and Play.

    For the wireless version:

    • Wireless use: Mobility up to 8m in diameter around the USB receiver.
    • Long battery life: Up to 3 months of autonomy for 2 hours of charge.
    More Information
    More Information
    Color Black
    Buttons count 6 programmable buttons + scroll wheel
    Dimensions 119 mm x 76 mm x 56 mm
    Optical pointer resolution 800-2800 DPI
    Operating system PC and Mac compatible
    Guarantee 2 years