Washable keyboards Azerty FR

As an answer to nowadays sanitary issues and an increase in demand for specific hygiene technical tools, waterproof and disinfectable keyboards are confidently breaking into the market.

They are spill resistant, washable, waterproof and designed to be used in humid or wet environment without affecting their operation.

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Washable keyboard
Washable keyboards Azerty FR

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    A complete IP68 protection

    Waterproof and disinfectable keyboards are mainly used in sterile environments such as medical laboratories or health care services, they are granted with a complete IP68 protection standards.

    They can also be sterilized with a hydro-alcoholic solution or any other antiseptic.

    Originally designed for professionals, they became nowadays more widespread particularly because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic where mandatory and frequent cleaning and disinfection measures are enforced as health prerogatives.

    3 options from our range of waterproof and dinfectable keyboard

    • Full size keyboard with full numpad on the right: Dimensions: 380 x 130 x 10 mm
    • Full size keyboard with full numpad and touchpad on the right (Touch-sensitive mouse pad with clicks and integrated scroll wheel): Dimensions: 368 x 135 x 13 mm
    • Compact keyboard with numpad included within the keys: Dimensions: 271 x 134 x 0.7 mm

    Waterproof & disinfectable

    • Disinfectable keyboards : Can be sanitized with an hydroalcoholic gel, they are spill resistant and washable.
    • Waterproof keyboards : Comply with IP68 standard and are therefore waterproof and suitable in a wet or liquid environment.
    More Information
    More Information
    Color White
    Locale Azerty FR
    Connection type USB
    Operating system Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP