Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Rev 2

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Rev2 is the second most advanced mouse in the range of Evoluent product range. It offers more options than the Evoluent Standard, which is the most basic Evoluent model offering only the most bacic fuction buttons. Its 90° pronation angle and design keeps the hand in a fully upright handshake position avoiding forearm twisting. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and Repetitive Strain Injusries (RSI) may be prevented as tensions are kept to a minimum as hand and wrist remain in a neutral position.

Fit for any hands from 178mm: Measure the distance from the base of your wrist to the end of the middle finger.

Available for right-handers only.
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Handshake position at 90°

Evoluent is considered to be the brand of reference in vertical mice. Its range of product integrates a great choice of many mice ranging from standard ones with basic functions (right click, left click, scrolling wheel and clickable scroll wheel) to more advanced ones integrating many options and functions (customizable, remapping keys, web navigation buttos, short-cuts, cursor sensitivity…)

VerticalMouse3 Rev2 place user hand in a handshake position at 90° and in this way it prevents carpal tunnel pressure, forearm ulna and radius and wrist twisting. Placing hand in this way, it diminishes muscle tension and provide mouse smoother use.

5 buttons & cursor sensivity

The EVM3 Rev2 includes 5 buttons (right-left clic, scroll wheel and clickable scroll whell) which can be customised according to user’s needs.

Cursor sensitivity can be tuned from 800 to 2600 DPI (800/1300/1800/2600 DPI) to optimize speed to fit user expectations. The more the sensibility is high the less hand movement is required to move the cursor. It this way hand tensions are kept to a minimum for a minimum muscular tensions.

More Information
More Information
Color Black
Buttons count 5 + scroll wheel
Dimensions 113 mm x 80 mm x 77 mm
Wireless No
Optical pointer resolution 800/1300/1800/2600 DPI
Operating system Windows, Mac OS, Linux
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