Goldtouch Comfort-Fit Mouse Wired

The Goldtouch Comfort-Fit Mouse Wired alleviates the wrist and place it at 24° pronation angle, eliminating the force upon the wrist and its canal, a major cause of RSI.

Placing the hand at 24° will prevent gripping as the hand weight is transferred to the palm reducing the pressure on hand muscles, joints and tendons. This pronation angle can provide an alternative position for users that cannot handle a 90° ergonomic mouse and need an intermediate hand posture.

The Goldtouch Comfort-Fit Mouse can also be a starting point for users that want to substitute their traditional mice with an ergonomic one without having a radical change in the hand position/pronation.

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Goldtouch Comfort-fit™ Mouse v2.0 USB
Goldtouch Comfort-Fit Mouse Wired

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    An ergonomic mouse without radical change

    The Goldtouch Comfort-Fit Mouse Wired aims to offer to its user a tension free position and comfort of use thanks to its 24° pronation and over sized buttons.

    The buttons are easily clickable without extra effort so that clicking can be made instantly and with minimum force.

    No need to install any driver as the mouse is plug and play and ready to be used straight away.


    Better posture, more comfort

    • Not any improper wrist position, better comfort. The Comfort Mouse moves your wrist into an ideal 24 degree angle eliminating the force upon the wrist and its canal. Arm, wrist and hand are in their natural, neutral position.
    • Easy clicking. Thumb slot makes the thumb naturally oppose the fingers, so Goldtouch Comfort-Fit Mouse does not move sideways when clicking.
    • Light and portable. Its size and weight of only 130g, allow you to take it with you everywhere you go, making it an ergonomic mouse to carry in your business or personal trips.
    • Cable length. 1.63m.
    • Plug and play. No need to install any driver as the mouse is plug and play and ready to be used straight away.
    More Information
    More Information
    Color Silver
    Buttons count 3 + scroll wheel
    Dimensions 114 mm x 79 mm x 50 mm - Angle: 24°
    Pointer type Optical
    Optical pointer resolution 1000 DPI
    Operating system Windows, Mac, Linux