OrthoVia OrthoMouse

The Orthomouse represents a quantum leap in the design of hand-held-computer-input devices.The idea was conceived and developed by a medical doctor and was based on the anatomy and function of the human hand, specifically to 'do no harm.'

It addresses the epidemic of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) resulting from extensive use of tools that do not fully respect the anatomy and function of the hand that uses them. It is the only mouse on the market that does not have a scroll wheel. The scroll wheel has been replaced with navigation buttons (up, down) that scroll the screen with a single click of the thumb. This feature optimises gestures and makes navigation more direct with as less movements as possible.

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The perfect fit for your hand

The unique asymmetrical shape and form of the OrthoMouse lets the hand to work and rest in the "Position of Function". This is defined in Orthopedics as the only position where all the musculoskeletal components of the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm exist in complete equilibrium. What it means to the user is that any extensive and repetitive work or periods of rest/inactivity are easily and naturally conducted in a position that will not cause strain, pain or injuries. The mouse comes with three palm adapters and two fingers adapters so you can get the perfect fit for your hand.

Ergonomics study

  • Dr. Ricardo Neder Silveira - Occupational Medicine - Director of GEMT (Occupational Medicine Study Group). São Paulo. Brazil « This mouse allows a “passive adaptation” of the set of wrist/hand/fingers of various sizes, allowing activities for longer periods of time effortlessly. »
  • Prof. Dr. Roberto Guarniero - Orthopedics and Traumatology - F.M.University of São Paulo.Brazil « the use of this kind of “orthopedic mouse” will prevent a large portion of the injuries that stem from repeated movements. »
  • Prof. Dr. Heitor José Rizzardo Ulson - Hand surgery discipline coordinator from the department of orthopedics and traumatology - UNICAMP. São Paulo. Brazil « The author, Dr. Julio A. Segalle, presents solid basis in physiopathology and epidemiology relating to the extensive and intense use of equipments that go against the human hand’s physiology and anatomy in demonstrating the “Orthopedic Computer mouse. »

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Hand adaptaters included

  • Full support of your hand. The OrthoMouse is a "semi-spherical" device which fully supports the "hole of the hand", wrist and fingers in the natural position of the hand.
  • Low pressure buttons. The force needed to click any of the five buttons is on the average at least half of the force required by any other conventional mouse, thus allowing for fatigue free use over longer periods of time.
  • Precision handling. The relationship maintained between the thumb and forefinger is that of an “opposition”, which it the main characteristic of the human hand, also known as the “precision grip”. This allows the user to utilize this device with high degree of control and precision. This high precision is further enhanced by the location of the optical sensor, at the front of the mouse.
  • Scroll buttons. The third button function and an alternative for the conventional scroll wheel are accomplished by a set of three light-click buttons. They allow a very smooth scrolling and are located in the thumb position.
  • Hand adapters included. The OrthoMouse is adaptable to the size and function of the average hand by means of three easily interchangeable adapters for the palm of the hand and two upper adapters intended as a guide for the average or longer fingers. All adapters are included in the package.
  • Quality material and manufacturing. The body of the OrthoMouse has been specially textured to provide micro- channels for air flow and decreased perspiration. The mouse is built to last, with quality materials and great finish.

Product documents

More Information
More Information
Color Black
Buttons count 5
Dimensions 113-136 (adjustable length) * 82 * 65 mm
Pointer type Optical
Wireless No
Optical pointer resolution 1000 dpi
Operating system Windows, Mac and Linux
Buttons programming and special functions Windows, Mac and Linux