Goldtouch Numeric Keypad Black PC USB

The Goldtouch numeric keypad completes the Goldtouch keyboard range by offering a tool that improves user ergonomics. With the numpad, the user can type numbers quickly and easily. Due to the fact that it is an independent numeric pad it has the ability to be placed either on the right or on the left of the keyboard in the most suitable location that best fit user’s needs. Perfectly mobile, it is recommended to place it as close as possible to the keyboard, on the lateral ends. This position allows all of the products to be refocused as close as possible to the user's hands to avoid forearm extensions. It is recommended that the pad should be placed opposite the mouse so that all tools are equidistant and central to its user's actions.

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Multifunctional and multitasking pad

The first mission of the Goldtouch numeric keypad is to simplify typing numbers and make work on spreadsheet enjoyable and hassle free. The keys are very sensitive and are operated with minimal force and movement thanks to the 50g of pressure and the 5mm of space that separates the key from the switch. Connected by USB cable to the computer, the pad connects directly and it is ready to be used (plug and play) without any further manipulation. Also compatible with Goldtouch Adjustable Comfort V2 keyboards, it also includes two USB ports allowing user to connect other peripherals (mice, USB keys). The USB hub aims to save the computer's valuable ports for the use of other peripherals and at the same time by multiplying the connection capabilities of the computer with other devices.

Keyboard shortcuts are another important point of this keyboard. Thanks to its 22 keys, each of which offers at least one other function in addition to its main function, the pad is in fact a productivity tool in its own. Thanks to the multiple functions of the keys, it is possible to enter 24 additional functions (# @: ( ) \ % ¢ $ € £ ¥ -) by pressing the Shift/Fn key. Navigation shortcuts and directional arrows are included allowing user to move around any document easily. It incorporates functions usually found on calculators (MS, M+/-, MC, and MR), aiming to put at your fingertips in a single product everything associated with typing numbers without the need to use other additional products.


A numpad that brings comfort and dexterity.

  • Productivity: The pad offers 46 functions thanks to its keys, as each one integrate at least two functions to make navigation and actions even more fluid.
  • Ergonomics: The pad can be placed at keyboard’s ends to balance user activity and distribute tasks evenly between both hands.
  • Key sensitivity: The keys are sensitive because they are operated with minimal force and movement thanks to the 50g of pressure and they are 5mm away from the switch. This reduces the pressure exerted by the user while at the same time reducing the movements to operate the keys.

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More Information
More Information
Keys count 22
Dimensions 150mm x 90mm x 30mm
Connection type USB
Operating system Windows
Guarantee 2 years