Kinesis Advantage 2 - Kinesis Advantage 360

The Kinesis Advantage 2 and Kinesis Advantage 360 contoured keyboard sets a new standard for ergonomic keyboards.

The Advantage line incorporates the same advanced ergonomic design as our other contoured keyboards and delivers additional features not found on other keyboards.

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Kinesis Advantage 2 - Kinesis Advantage 360
Kinesis Advantage 2 - Kinesis Advantage 360

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    Prescribed by physicians & recommended by therapists

    The Kinesis Contoured Keyboard family is based on a unique, patented design that minimizes the pain and strain users experience with heavy use of conventional computer keyboards. Productivity is greater than with any other keyboard, leading to its popularity with intensive users all over the world.

    This ergonomic design resulted from almost two years of research and testing has proven itself in more than ten years of commercial use. Kinesis contoured keyboards are prescribed by physicians and recommended by therapists for patients dealing with keyboard-related overuse injuries.

    Kinesis Contoured keyboard Family


    Programmable for maximum comfort and productivity

    Kinesis Advantage 2

    • Exhaustive compatibility. Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 and higher, Linux, Android.
    • Dimensions. 40.64cm (width) x 20.32cm (depth) x 5.08cm (max height)
    • Plug & play. Instant configuration for Windows, Mac and non-Windows PC operating environments, includes Windows and Mac legended keys.
    • Key switches:
      Kinesis Advantage 2 QWERTY US: Cherry MX Brown - Tactile Feel
      Kinesis Advantage 2 Quiet Linear Feel QWERTY US: Cherry MX Red - Quiet Linear Feel
      Kinesis Advantage 2 QWERTY/DVORAK US: Cherry MX Brown - Tactile Feel
    • Embedded keypad. Embedded 10-key keypad reduces overreaching for the mouse.
    • USB Hub. Integrated two-port USB hub. USB devices can be hot-plugged safely.
    • Programmable. Select 100 heavy-duty macros (200+ characters long). / 2 MB onboard (non-volatile) memory. ·
    • Exhaustive compatibility. Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 and higher, Linux, Android.
    • Foot switch friendly. Supports Kinesis Advantage Single-action foot switch.
    • QWERTY/Dvorak Switchable. All Advantage keyboard models can switch on the fly between QWERTY and Dvorak key layouts. Want dual legends? Buy a "QD" Qwerty-Dvorak switchable model, or get an upgrade kit later. Please note that Dvorak-only legends are not available.

    Kinesis Advantage 360

    • Operating System: Windows 7-11, macOS, Linux, Android & Chrome
    • Layout: 76 Key layout with thumb clusters:
      Function Keys reside in new “Fn” Layer
      10-Key resides in the traditional “Kp” Layer
    • Dimensions: 17.78cm (width) x 20.32cm (depth) x 7.62-10.16cm (height) *per side
    • Weight: 1.36 Kg (Total weight of both modules)
    • Package Contents: Keyboard, Bridge Connector, 16 Additional Keycaps, Keycap Puller, Cables, and Quick Start Guide:
      Advantage 360: USB-C Main Cable & 15 cm Link Cable
      Advantage 360 Pro: USB-C Charging Cable (x2)
    • Key Switches: Low-Force Mechanical Brown Switches (Gateron KS-9)
    • Fully Programmable:
      Advantage 360: Onboard Macros/Remaps and the SmartSet App
      Advantage 360 Pro: Web-based configurator on GitHub
    • Backlighting:
      Advantage 360: None
      Advantage 360 Pro: Global White
    • Keycaps:
      Advantage 360: Dye-sublimated PBT
      Advantage 360 Pro: Shine-through ABS (not pictured)
    • Connectivity:
      Advantage 360: USB-C
      Advantage 360 Pro: Bluetooth or USB-C
    • Linking:
      Advantage 360: 25 cm USB-C cable included
      Advantage 360 Pro: Wireless Bluetooth

    Documentation for Kinesis Advantage 2

    Documentation for Kinesis Advantage 360

    Documentation for Kinesis Advantage 360 Pro

    Additional switch options for the keyboard keys can be found here

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    Guarantee 2 years