Kinesis Single Action Foot Switch for Kinesis Advantage keyboard

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Quick Overview

This elegant, premium pedal is front-hinged and has a textured surface. For most users, it provides more comfort and control than the outer pedals of the Triple Action Foot Switch. It comes with a 10 foot cable and works with all models (past and present) of Kinesis Contoured keyboards. A self-adhesive, hook & loop tab is provided to anchor the pedal to the floor if desired.

Product Description

· Small footprint (2.5 x 3.5 inches) is ideal for confined spaces
· Front hinged for easy quick-triggering
· Rounded, textured surface for confident control
· 10 foot cable for flexible positioning (can be extended with telephone-style modular cable)

· This pedal comes with a telephone-style coupler and an RJ11 telephone style connector, so it will work with any Contoured keyboard ever produced by Kinesis.
· With the addition of a special three-way splitter (see previous page), up to three pedals may be connected at once.
All Kinesis contoured keyboards built after Sept. 2002 (identified by a short telephone-style cable extending from the back of the keyboard) support up to three single-action foot switches.

· Contoured keyboard users often find a foot switch boosts productivity by enabling instant access to shortcuts (macros) or remapped keys in the "embedded" (keypad) layer.
· Modifiers are often useful foot switch actions, to reduce the awkward reaches often required to produce key combinations.
· Number crunchers (especially bookkeepers and accountants) usually find a foot switch provides a huge productivity boost with a Contoured keyboard. With the large center pedal, you get instant access to the embedded numeric keypad, without moving your hands from the home row of keys.
· Anyone who wants to offload work from their fingers will love this option!
· To connect two or three pedals at once, or change actions without re-programming your Contoured keyboard, purchase the special three-way splitter shown on the previous page.
· If you want a more compact, less expensive option for three pedals, by the rear-hinged Triple Action Foot Switch shown on the previous page.

Width: 6.67 cm
Depth (front-to-back): 8.89 cm
Max Height: 2.54 cm
Weight: 317.5 gr
Cable length: 277.40 cm
RJ-11 connector

This product works with all Kinesis U.S. models of Contoured™ keyboards built after Sept. 2002 (Essential, Classic, Professional, Advantage and the new Advantage2). These models have a short, telephone-style cable extending from the back of the keyboard.


Color Black
Buttons count 1
Operating system Windows, Mac & Linux
Buttons programming and special functions Windows & Mac
Guarantee 2 years