R-Go HE Mouse Break / Basic

The HE mouse is a vertical mouse with a pronation angle of 60°. It aims at soothing and preventing Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). It targets a wide audience since it is available in several sizes : small, medium and large, for right and left-handed users, in wired and wireless versions.

Several sizes are available. Size guide: Measure the length of your hand from wrist to ring finger:

  • Large: ≥185mm
  • Medium: 165mm - 185mm
  • Small: <165mm

The Bluetooth wireless version does not include a USB receiver except for the versions small, medium, large Right and medium Left. The computer must offer this option for the mouse to work.

Wired version: 1600mm cable - USB connection

The Basic version does not include the Break function.

The Left-handed Wireless Large version does not include the Break function and does not include the Bluetooth technology. The wireless connection is made via radio frequencies by using a USB receiver – in GHz. The USB receiver in included for this version.

This product has been accredited by the AGR quality label.

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R-Go HE Mouse Break / Basic
R-Go HE Mouse Break / Basic

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    Break indicator bulid-in feature

    The HE Mouse includes in most of its versions the “Break” indicator which is in fact a usage regulator. The “Break” software monitors mouse usage (provides statistics: number of clicks, usage time), controls and warns the user of the time spent on the computer and the need to take a break. Three lights green, orange and red on the side of the mouse, light up according the mouse usage. Red light warns that long-term usage could lead to the occurrence of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). To avoid them, regular breaks are recommended throughout the day. When the mouse is used for a long time and in the same position, the lights come on, prompting the user to take a break in order to avoid overexposing muscles to intensive and repetitive activity.


    A mouse with a 60° vertical grip to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

    The shape of the HE mouse is optimized to provide durable support for the wrist and hand. The HE vertical mouse allows all muscles, tendons and joints from the shoulder to the hand, to be anatomically placed in a neutral position and stressed as little as possible. The click buttons mecanism is silent, therefore the use of the mouse is totally soundless.

    The vertical position drives to use the forearm rather than the wrist as a pivot to move the mouse and consequently prevents from Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). The shape and materials chosen for their correct grip, bring to the mouse, a pleasant feeling.

    The 60° angle of the HE mouse has been designed to provide a neutral, tension-free position for the wrist and forearm. This vertical position allows to use the muscles of the hand (the carpal tunnel area) as little as possible, thus making movements more fluid, in particular to ease tuning of pointer sensitivity.

    The adjustment of pointer sensitivity offers the adaptability and modularity that users are looking for, readjusting the position while aiming to prevent and relieve pain from Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

    All Break mice include the feature of Break indicator helping to manage mouse use.

    Long battery life. 140 hours of operations for only 2 hours of charge.