Rockstick 2 Mouse Wireless

The RockStick Mouse 2 is an ambidextrous vertical mouse that adapts perfectly to any user - regardless of hand’s size – for both right or left handed users.
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The RockStick 2 mouse offers a 60° working position offering a neutral tension hand posture.

Control of the movement

The special feature of the Rockstick 2 is that it brings the control of the movement and the accuracy of the cursor at hand’s palm level.

The RockStick Mouse 2 has a scroll wheel on the thumb and a button to change the sensitivity of the cursor at any time. The mouse movement is placed at the center of the user’s experience as the Rockstick does not possess any right-click or left-click buttons.

Activating throuh the hand's movement

It is through the hand’s movement that clicks are activated. In order to trigger a click the user need to incline the central part of the mouse towards the desired direction which will correspond to the click that the user wishes to execute. Thanks to this form and functionality, this mouse is suitable for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional mice as well as those with certain types of disabilities. It could fit more specifically to users presenting an absence of fingers or difficulties in using their fingers’ movements, allowing them to remain always autonomous in their computer everyday use.

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