RollerMouse Red Forearm Support

The Red Forearm Support is designed to improve the position and well-being at work.

Thanks to its shape, it puts the user in the center of the support, closer to his workspace. The adopted position, allows to place the back at the backrest of the seat, where the neck and shoulders are naturally aligned in a relaxed position without tensions.

It allows the body to be in front of the work station at the height of the computer tools.

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Ease of use of the different office tools

The forearms rest totally on the forearm support, not supported by the shoulder muscles, allowing a better posture and ease of use of the different office tools (such as keyboards, mouse). The Red Forearm Support improves the daily comfort and productivity.

It aims to adjust to the user by optimizing his position and eliminating any muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and forearms.

Improve the position and well-being at work

The Red Forearm support can be combined with the RollerMouse Red and Red Plus pointing devices, and can be clipped into the Rollermouse easily.

It is placed on the Rollermouse itself just by removing the existing wrist support of the Rollermouse. It can fit any office thickness between 0.5 cm and 3 cm. This setup provides easy access to the control bar as well as the buttons on the Rollermouse Red and keyboard.

The Red Forearm Support is suitable for both sitting and standing work and thanks to its width of 60 cm and its depth of 28 cm allows a comfortable use while maintaining a neutral posture without tensions.


An accessory for the RollerMouse Red range

  • Accessory of the Contour Design Rollermouse Red range:A support allowing to extend the work space and transforms the existing palm rest of the Rollermouse in resting forearm for more support and comfort.
  • Centered position: With this Rollermouse Red Forearm Support, the user is placed in the center of the device where all the tools are within reach and in front of the user's visual field.
  • Office depth: The forearms are totally rested on the support, muscles are relaxed. The back is positioned at the bottom of the seat, neck and shoulders are naturally aligned and directed towards the user's visual field.
  • Quick and easy installation:Attachment settings for a solid and stable installation to all office surfaces from 0.5 cm to 3 cm desk thickness.
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