Countour Design Slidermouse Pro

The Slidermouse as its fellow the Rollermouse Red, uses the functionality and philosophy. They aim at focusing most of the activity in the users’ field of action and improving their posture.

The Slidemouse comes in 3 versions: the slim, the regular and the extended.

The slim has smaller wrist rest whereas the regular and extended versions have wider wrist rests.

Every version is available in wired and wireless versions.

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Countour Design Slidermouse Pro
Countour Design Slidermouse Pro

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    Slide pad technology with programmable and customisable buttons

    The novelty of the Slide lies in the way the cursor moves. Indeed, it does not move with a rotating bar as for the Rollermouse Red but with a touch pad/surface. This surface is made of striped rubber on which the hands must slide to move the cursor. The Slide has by default 6 build in buttons with copy, paste, left click, right click and scroll wheel functions. These 6 buttons can also be programmable and customized according to needs. The Slide also offers 10 levels of cursor sensitivities from 600 to 2800 DPI and 5 levels of key resistance from lightest pressure to slightly harder sensitivity.


    Centralising and optimising gestures by bringing them closer to the user

    • Control at the fingertips : The sliding touch pad changes the feeling in which the cursor is controlled bringing the feeling of control of the cursor to the fingertips.
    • Adjustable and customisable : The Slidermouse is fully customisable. The user can choose between the different levels of cursor sensibility and can redefine the functions of the programmable keys. It offers also the possibility to adjust the click resistance sensitivity.
    • Centralising activity : Optimising hand movements by bringing all gestures at a very narow perimeter of action, close to user's hands for a better control limitating muscular tensions in arms and forearms.
    • Long lasting battery : 3 months battery lifetime for the wireless versions.
    More Information
    More Information
    Buttons count 6 + Clickable scroll wheel
    Dimensions Slim: 383 mm x 123 mm x 23 mm - Regular: 383 mm x 165 mm x 23 mm
    Optical pointer resolution 600-2800 DPI
    Operating system Windows, Mac iOS