Forearm Support R Go Symmetrical and R Go Split

The R Go forearm support comes in two verions: one with a symmetrical U shape and the other a Split version composed by two independent and autonomous modules. Their objective: bring the user as close as possible to the workstation. The R GO support while increasing working surface, it is also aiming to support its user’s upper limbs body weight on the forearm surface and transfer it directly to the larger area of the foam support. The support therefore eliminates any muscular tension of the neck, shoulders and forearms providing a comfortable body position.

The Symmetrical version is made up of one piece and can be attached to office’s edge.

The Split version comes in two separate independent modules that can be installed at any desired position according to client’s needs on the office’s edge.


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Forearm Support R Go Symmetrical and R Go Split
Forearm Support R Go Symmetrical and R Go Split

In stock


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    Washable and environmentally friendly

    Fully washable, it can be cleaned with water and a cloth: a great additional advantage compared to competing forearm supports on the market. Its Z attachments and its screw clamps allow to fix it to several desk thicknesses from 10mm to 80mm and to almost any type of desk. Totally involved into an eco-responsible approach, the support is padded with foam and made of 100% recyclable materials: wood and PVC-free faux leather, its cardboard packaging is also ecological complying with the FSC standard. Thank to its specific features and the ergonomic benefit it provides to the user, led to its recognition and accreditation by the AGR organization.

    The Split version has an additional feature in comparison with the Symmetrical version. Each module can rotate 360° and can be adjusted horizontally in all directions. Once the module is installed on the desk edge, the screw adjustable mechanism under the forearm, provides module’s movement alongside a predefined trench path (back and forth). In this way the client can adjust module position moving it closer or away from desk in order to respond to user’s morphology and needs.


    Certified and practical

    • Adaptable: Adjusts to a wide range of desk thicknesses thanks to its Z clamps.
    • Washable: Cleans easily with a cloth.
    • Eco-responsibility: The product is made of ecological, eco-responsible and recyclable materials while respecting the environment.
    • AGR certified: Product tested by a panel of ergonomists and certified with the AGR awards, a high ergonomic recognition.
    • Split version: Independent modules for customised installation to fit clients’ needs. Each module can rotate 360° and be adjusted horizontally in many directions.

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