Countour Design Rollermouse Pro

Always in search for innovation, Contour Design is launching the new Rollermouse Pro range, which will replace the Rollermouse Pro 3 – Pro 3 Plus – Free 3 wired and Free 3 wireless models. The Rollermouse Pro continues with the same concept as for the previous models, aiming at optimising everyday movements and placing the user at the center of the workstation. The roller bar system that enables the mouse movement has remained unchanged and on this version still holds its important role as it is part of Contour Design DNA.

3 versions of the Slidemouse are available: slim, regular and extended.

The slim has a smaller wrist rest while the regular and extended versions have wider wrist rests.

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Countour Design Rollermouse Pro
Countour Design Rollermouse Pro

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    Customisable and innovative

    The scroll bar concept is the main feature of the Contour brand philosophy. Central mice have already revealed their advantages and ergonomic benefits both for the user, space management and productivity within the workstation. Over the years, models became out of date and a technological and aesthetic new design led to a full overhaul of the product. Rollermouse Pro is a simple and sleak product including an eco-responsible and ecological approach as it is mainly made of recycled materials. It integrates several functions and specifically programmable buttons and magnetic and interchangeable palm rests. It has basic functions such as right/left click, scroll wheel, double click and “copy” “paste” functions. Additionally, the buttons (6 in total) are customable with the Contour software. The user can thus associate functions, other than those assigned by default by the manufacturer, so that keys become more suitable for daily needs and contribute to the productivity of the user. It also has a button to change easily the cursor movement sensitivity from 600 to 2800 DPI (10 levels). The resistance of the keys can also be set on 5 different levels.


    Multifunctional and polyvalent

    • Fingertip Cursor Control: The tactile surface gives user a more controlled cursor feel for more precise fingertip movements.
    • Multi-level adjustability: Possibility to choose between different levels of pointer sensitivity and to redefine the functions of the customizable keys. The Rollemouse provides the option to adjust the resistance of the keys and more or less sensitive to touch.

    • Centralize user activity: Optimize hand movements by bringing actions closer to the user's body for better control.

    • Long battery life: 3 months of battery life on a single charge for the wireless version.

    • Eco responsible and ecological: Mainly made with recycled materials

    • Connectivity: 3 options; Bluetooth/2.4G USB Receiver/Wired USB

    • Operating system: Windows and OSX

    • Battery (Wireless) for wireless models: Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh lithium battery

    • Width: Slim/Regular/Extended 38.3/38.3/42.4cm

    • Depth: Slim/Regular/Extended 10.8/14.9/14.9cm

    • Height: Slim/Regular/Extended 2.3/2.3/2.3cm

    • Buttons/functions: 6 programmable buttons

    • Cursor speed (DPI): 10 levels (600-2800 DPI)