Kinesis Freestyle2 Ascent

The Kinesis Freestyle 2 Ascent keyboard is a breakthrough in ergonomic design. It suits the specific needs of each user by minimizing uncomfortable positions while providing high quality.

It includes a robust and removable tether pivot, hot keys, a zero degree slope to promote the natural position of the wrist and fingers, soft and comfortable keys, to provide you with the most functional, comfortable and ergonomic keyboard you've owned.

The Kinesis Freestyle Ascent pack consists of the Freestyle 2 Solo keyboard and the removable accessory Freestyle Ascent, which consists of two multi-angle tenting modules attached below the keyboard. Tenting angles may be independently set for each keying module in the range of 20 to 90 degrees, in 10 degree increments. The distance between the modules depends on the keyboard connecting cable length. Although you can already use the Kinesis Ascent accessory with the standard 8 inches (20,32 cm) cable, the 20 inches (50,80 cm) cable offers greater flexibility.

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Kinesis Freestyle2 Ascent
Kinesis Freestyle2 Ascent

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    Adjustable modules

    Created by ergonomists and health professionals, the Kinesis Freestyle 2 Ascent keyboard was developed to meet everyone's functional and ergonomic needs.

    It has been designed to bring superior comfort and avoid the poor positioning of elbows, wrists and fingers. With a robust and detachable hinge mechanism, the adjustment of the Kinesis Freestyle 2 keyboard is intuitive and easy.

    It features a number of hot keys, a slope that promotes natural body positioning, soft and silent keys and many other useful features.


    Intuitive and easy adjustment

    Max separation between the two keyboard modules: Separation measured between the inner edges of the modules.
    Tent degree With the 8 inches cable (=20,32cm) With the 20 inches cable (=50,80cm)
    20° 8,50 inches (21,59cm) 8,50 inches (21,59cm)
    30° 8,75 inches (22,22cm) 9,50 inches (24,13cm)
    40° 8,75 inches (22,22cm) 11,00 inches (27,94cm)
    50° 9,00 inches (22,86cm) 13,00 inches (33,02cm)
    60° 9,00 inches (22,86cm) 10,50 inches (26,67cm)
    70° 9,25 inches (23,49cm) 12,25 inches (31,11cm)
    80° 9,25 inches (23,49cm) 14,50 inches (36,83cm)
    90° 10,00 inches (25,40cm) 17,25 inches (43,81cm)


    • Adjustable modules. The two multi-angle modules are attached to the underside of the keying modules and connected by a linking plate if desired. Tenting angles may be independently set for each keying module in the range of 20 to 90 degrees, in 10 degree increments.The distance between keyboard modules depends on the length of the connecting cable that your keyboard is equipped. Although you can already use the Kinesis Ascent accessory with the standard 8 inches (20,32 cm) cable, the 20 inches (50,80 cm) cable offers greater flexibility. 
    • Linking plate included. The linking plate may be used to connect the two keying modules if desired. It can provide a better stability and maintain the distance between the two modules.
    • Adapts to your body. From small to tall and body types in between, the Kinesis Freestyle Ascent keyboard allows for maximum flexibility catering to each individual's unique needs.
    • Narrow foot print for comfortable mousing and keying. With only 390 mm wide, the keyboard allows you to keep your mouse close, while a normal keyboard, with a digital keypad on the right and with bigger footprint, can force you to a slight stretch to reach your mouse. For this reason, the keypad is integrated into the keyboard keys. If you buy the Kinesis keypad, we suggest that you place it at the left of your keyboard in order to keep your mousing and keying devices centered.
    • Pivot Tether. Both modules are connected together by a flexible pivot tether allowing an infinite range of splay so that your wrists are in line with your arms without twisting.
    • Sleek, low profile design. Most keyboards including ergonomic models have a 10 degree positive slope from front to back. These designs tend to bend your wrists, which can cause poor blood circulation and numbness. The Kinesis Freestyle Ascent keyboard has a zero degree slope which minimizes the height, effectively creating negative slope and reducing wrist extension.
    • Comfortable, soft and quiet keys. The Kinesis Freestyle Incline keyboard utilizes a quiet, low-force, tactile membrane key switch. Only 45 grams of pressure are needed to activate a key. Kinesis has also doubled the width of the buttons 'Delete' and 'Esc' for more comfort. *
    • Hot keys. Driverless hot keys for commonly used mouse actions: Pages 'Next' and 'Back', 'Search', 'Home', 'Cut', 'Copy' and 'Paste'.
    • Embedded keypad. Simply press the 'Fn' key to toggle between the embedded 10-key and the alphanumeric keys. Kinesis offers an optional ergonomic Low-Force Keypad for intensive number crunchers.
    More Information
    More Information
    Color Black
    Keys count 94
    Dimensions 380 x 178 x 23 mm
    Connection type USB
    Wrists rest No
    Possible separation of the keyboard modules Yes
    Inclination of both keyboard modules No
    Adjustable inclination Yes
    Operating system PC, Mac & Linux
    Hotkeys compatibility PC & Mac
    Guarantee 2 years